Monday, November 3, 2014

Chicago, IL – “Your Jury Box In The 21st Century”, co-authored by the founder of Clarity Partners Trial Consulting, Dave Zehner, has been published as the cover story for the November issue of Litigation Management. The piece focuses on the challenges posed by millennials, the nation’s largest generation as jurors. Featuring data from over 700 surrogate jurors and 32 various jury research exercises, the piece offers solid insight into how to approach Millennials during litigation. Originally presented as a panel presentation at the 2104 CLM Annual Convention in Boca Raton, the article expanded on the presentation to further explain why Millennials have many attitudes and beliefs that make them pre-disposed to favor plaintiffs when they serve as jurors. Co-authors Dave Zehner; Larry Beemer, the Vice-President of Claims Management Litigation and Specialty Claims for QBE Insurance; Sarah Pacini, Vice President of Risk Management and Insurance for Advocate Health Care; Mark Worischeck, President and Managing Shareholder of Sanders & Parks; and Dan Longo, Managing Attorney at Murchison & Cumming, LLP, drew upon their wealth of experience in dealing with Millennial jurors at trials in explaining how defense litigators will need to take care to address the special challenges presented by Millennials as jurors. Click here to download a PDF version of the article.

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