Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dave Zehner, lead partner for Clarity Partners Trial Consulting, was a recent featured guest on "Weekends With Whitney." During the segment, which is available in full through the video below, Mr. Zehner explained the decision making process for jurors in criminal cases.

About Clarity Partners Trial Consulting

Clarity Partners Trial Consulting Group exists to help you win your cases. Clarity’s team of experienced trial consultants uses their diverse expertise in law, social science, psychology, pharmacy, health care, accounting, contracts and risk management to provide you with crucial guidance on how to position your cases. We offer unique and innovative research methodologies at prices that make sense, giving clients and litigators the best information to improve their outcomes in discovery, settlement, mediation and trial. Clients have come to rely on Clarity to achieve successful resolutions to their cases. We use the latest in cognitive science to design, create and execute innovative research exercises to evaluate your cases. We have developed our methodologies based on our experience consulting on over 550 cases in more than 160 venues across the country. Our research exercises show how the evidence of a case will interact with jurors’ pre-existing attitudes, experiences and beliefs to reveal how jurors will respond at trial. The results of our proven methodologies provide you with direct feedback on how to improve your chances of winning in discovery, at mediation, in settlement discussions, and at trial. For more information, visit us at or contact Dave Zehner at or 312-920-0550.