Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Chicago, IL - The Chicago Housing Authority has chosen Clarity Partners to implement an Enterprise-wide Document Management System (EDMS) to better manage the large amounts of electronic and paper documentation that the CHA and CHAC generate annually. Clarity will lead the implementation of a FileNet EDMS solution that will effectively store, track, retrieve, and archive structured and unstructured documents. The objectives of the FileNet EDMS solution are to reduce paper and increase efficiency by creating a centralized repository for users to store and share documents electronically and convert numerous manual processes into electronic workflows.

Clarity has partnered with IKON, IMC and Next Generation to assist in the implementation of the FileNet solution which includes the scanning, indexing, and storing of approximately 8.3 million pages. The Clarity team has extensive experience with FileNet implementations and is uniquely positioned to provide the best possible solution for the CHA and CHAC.

About The Chicago Housing Authority

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) was created in 1937 and is one of the largest public housing agencies in the continental United States. The CHA's mission statement is to ensure the provision of affordable housing opportunities in viable communities for lower-income households. The CHA controls housing located throughout the City of Chicago, with more than 90,000 residents.  For more information regarding the CHA please visit http://www.thecha.org/.

About CHAC, Inc.

The Chicago Housing Choice Voucher Program is administered by CHAC, Inc., a private company under contract with the Chicago Housing Authority. CHAC is a subsidiary of Quadel Consulting Corporation, a Washington, D.C.-based training, consulting and management firm specializing in subsidized housing programs and a nationally recognized leader in the transformation of troubled housing programs. CHAC assumed daily operations of the program in 1995 under an innovative performance-based contract with the Chicago Housing Authority that is increasingly becoming a model for public-private partnerships throughout the country. The Chicago Housing Choice Voucher Program is a partnership between CHA, CHAC, voucher families, participating property owners and Chicago. In Chicago, the voucher program is a major economic asset: helping to expand the supply of affordable housing in our area, keeping our neighborhoods in good condition and pumping more than $350 million annually into the community in the form of direct payments to over 15,000 property owners who participate in the program. The voucher program also plays an important role in the Chicago Housing Authority’s Plan for Transformation, increasing housing choice for Chicago’s public housing residents. Since the plan began in October 1999, more than 4,800 families have opted for a voucher to relocate into the private market.  For more information regarding CHAC, Inc. please visit http://www.thecha.org/pages/housing_choice_voucher_program/.